The "Comité Departemental de la randonnée pédestre Lozère (CDRP 48)" has several roles.
Here are the main ones:
  • Promotes hiking, .
  • Develops and values ​​associative life, .
  • Ensures the monitoring of the network of routes through its commission "Paths and Itineraries" .
  • Represents the French Hiking Federation (FFRP) in Lozère, .
  • Represents the Regional Hiking Committee (RRC-LR), .
  • Serves as an interface between FFRP and the Regional Committee, .
  • Manages of licensees, volunteer trail maintenance and signposting , associations and/or federated clubs, .
  • Is the privileged interlocutor of the local tourist structures, local authorities, .
  • Organizes and disseminates the training of its competence, .
  • Writes or re-publishes topos-guides ® ...